At Save the Show Foundation, our mission is to support those in the entertainment production industry during times of tragedy or crisis, and to develop, promote, and direct initiatives designed to encourage public awareness and advancements in industry practices and safety methodology.

Industry Overview

Most concert and theater goers are not aware of the dozens of behind-the-scenes people it takes to put on a memorable show. In most cases there is a local crew and the road crew which consists of riggers, lighting technicians, pyro technicians, guitar technicians, audio technicians, etc. to make the show happen. When accidents happen, these hard working individuals are often left to pick up the pieces without any sort of support system.

The news media covers the large traumatic stage collapses, such as the Indiana State Fair stage collapse at a Sugarland concert, Toronto’s Downsview Park stage collapse before a Radiohead show or the Ottawa Bluesfest stage collapse that nearly killed the band and crew during a Cheap Trick performance. But there are plenty of other accidents, falls and injuries that happens to stage personnel that the media doesn’t know about or cover.

Save the Show organization is a non-profit entity focused on safety education and raising charitable funds to help the families and victims of work-related accidents that occur in the course of trying to put together the best show possible night after night.

General Information

Save The Show Foundation was founded by three local crew concert riggers from Indianapolis. With over 50 years combined stage experience, they have become all too familiar with the level of risk inherent in cutting-edge stage production. The Indiana State Fair Tragedy stage collapse brought to light the need for an organization to step in and help fellow entertainment professionals.

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