Save the Show Foundation presents

“Save the Season”

Nowhere has the impact of the coronavirus pandemic been felt more than in showbiz. Live events seem like a distant memory, and so do the paychecks of the men and women who dedicate their careers to planning and executing them. Just keeping food on the table and a roof over head has been an every day struggle, and now the holidays are here. For those of you with small kids, the realities of a pandemic economy are beyond the realm of comprehension.

With this in mind, we at Save the Show Foundation have put our efforts into coordinating our “Save the Season” campaign, with the goal of putting something special under the tree for event industry pros who, through no fault of their own, lack the means to do so themselves. We are very proud to announce that we have partnered with Matthews Bicycle Mart (matthewsbikes.com), an independent and locally owned bicycle vendor in Indianapolis, to supply bikes to as many of these kids as we can afford. Bicycles are hard to find right now, but the folks at Matthews have agreed to set aside a significant portion of their holiday inventory for this cause as well as handle the shipping and logistics. We are extremely thankful for their support and expertise, and for their engagement in our local community.

If you are an event industry professional who are having a tough time this holiday season and would like to request a bicycle for your child age 12 or younger, please complete the form below before noon on Sunday, December 13th. Unfortunately, due to anticipated high demand, not all who apply will receive a bike, but we will supply as many as we can and will keep pounding the pavement to raise more funds. We will reach out to successful applicants directly using the contact information provided, so please double check your information for accuracy before submitting.

In our business, every department depends on every other. Things are different now, but we still depend on each other. We are here to help you save the season and be the hero to your kid, that you are to us.

May your holidays be bright,